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GSOE9820 Project Management 16s2

The second term of my master degree in UNSW
This blog is sharing my experience of GSOE9820 Project Management in 16s2

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Everyone said that this course is useless and waste of time.
Unfortunately this course is compulsory and not easy to apply exemption.


A fun moment in lecture...


So so so boring!!!
Some times you even have the illusion that this managment knowledge is somehow useful...


Lecturer's feedback of project3~~
I'm the PM of that project :)
Kun Dong
Very late on Q1/Q2. All three posts within 21 minutes and all very brief. This points to one thing alone, and that is poor preparation and participation.
Q3 was similar in that 3 of 4 posts were within 28 minutes and all three posts were brief.
Q4 – all three posts within 12 minutes and they were even briefer.
Feedback on Final Report.
This is a sub-par effort and I think you know it. Please return to your previous form.
Xiang Li
Feedback on Project Plan. Q1/2 – good participation, but always with very brief contributions.
Q3 – One good post, the rest brief or ‘I agree’ posts. Q4 – same as Q3 and less.
Feedback on Final Report.
This was a disappointing result, after two god projects.
Han Peng
Q1 and Q2 – Three very brief posts within an hour and they were late and a final post on the second last day.
Q3 you provided good answers to this question, but Q4 was very light on.
Feedback on Final Report.
Yiming Wang
Feedback on Project Plan and Final Report.
Good participation and contribution in all the questions. Not quite the same level as the previous two projects and that is mainly due to a lower level of contribution rather than participation.
Changjian Zhu - PM
You published a good Project Plan and on time. Great facilitation and follow u of the plan. You chased Xiang, Kun and Han.
Great participation, discussion, feedback and contribution. Your summaries were excellent. However, there was a definite slowdown during the last two questions.
A draft Final Report was published a day ahead.
The Final Report was very good, but could have had much better formatting.
All in all a great job. Well done PM.