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COMP9517 Computer Vision 16s2

The second term of my master degree in unsw.
This blog is sharing my experience of COMP9517 Computer Vision * in 2016s2

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So hard to understand lecturer's slide content and accent...
Choosing this course because there is no final exam.


Assignment 1
Quite fun and not hard because the instructions are so clear..
My original image:





Project part1
Implementing panograph:
Finally get the not bad result.

Test images in demo:

Our group's result for the demo's pictures(released until demo time) was perfect, but the tutors asked us a lot of question about how the SIFT work, how do you judge the accuracy of final result.... At least they had to lease the marking details in advance, because in the project part1 spec, we only were asked to achieve the effect of panograph.
My partner's words: "In the spec, we don't have enough details to follow to get full marks in final demo. And we use some provided APIs to implement some functions so that we do not go deep into the algorithm. If the spec mentions that we should know everything about our algorithm, we are willing to learn it as deep as possible. So can you provide more detailed spec afterwards (I know it is too late to say this)? Or simply provide the form used by tutors for us early so that we can follow it better. After all, it is not fair that we have done everything well but lost marks due to not knowing marking details."


Mid-term test
No idea what will be examed in that test, feeling sad :(
Sharing my understanding of Histogram equalization:


Week 11
less than 20 students come to the lectue, because no final exam exists.