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A Site Reliability Engineer's Simple Guide to Change Request

System will never go down without "changes", e.g. code release, traffic overloaded or external dependency down, ...

In all kinds of changes above, human changes are responsible for over 80% of incidents, as humans are not machines and make mistakes all the time :)

So when planning a change request for production operation (without a perfect and automated pipeline), how can we leverage strategies to minimize the risk and impact on our customers?

Here are three tips for planning a change request:

  • Change gradually, for example, internal users -> 1% customers -> 5% customers -> ...
  • Verify the change result through dashboards or logs
  • Ensure that the change can be swiftly rolled back

Change Request Risk-Minimization Model:
change request.drawio

p.s. For difference services, we can adjust the pace of change based on the level of risk acceptance.