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What to do after failing a course at UNSW(Especially for the IT 8543)

Some courses in UNSW are so hard, and failing a course doesn't mean the end of the world. However, there is limited info online(because I searched before and got nothing), so I decided to write this blog to share my experience and advises.

So what to do when you fail a course, but next semester should be your last semester?

** option 1: Enrolling in summer term.**
UNSW offers courses in summer teaching period, however only some courses are opened in this special period. For example, cse even do not offer courses in summer teaching period, but if u r 8543 student, fortunately u have Non-CSE Electives, which means u have an opportunity to enroll in any course(any subject) in UNSW.

** option 2: Overloading.**
Overloading means you can do five courses in one term, sounds good, but I think it's highly not recommended, because what should you do if you fail again?

** Advises: **

  1. The first and also most important, be extremely careful in enrolling a course. U have the freedom to enrol and drop a course without financial and academic penalty in week1, so try any more course as possible and find one that perfect for u.
  2. Seeking help from cse office, the staff there are so kind and patient, and they care you and give you the best advice. I learnt all the things from them.