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COMP9041/2041 Software Construction: Techniques and Tools 2016s2

The second semester of my master in UNSW
This blog is sharing my experience of COMP9041 Software Construction: Techniques and Tools

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The first lecture of this semester, indeed like this lecturer, he is full of passion and has a strong personality!
He mentioned some stories in the history and encouraged us to learn them, because, in the past decades, human made so many mistakes. Knowing more history can help us avoid mistakes.
So impressive.


** week2 **
Teaching the examples of egrep, pip, cut, wc etc to handle text files.
Not fun, but the lecturer made these content quite enjoyable to learn.
Haha, some teachers do have the talent of making our lives easier.

** lab **
So many exercises are available in the lab to help us learn the shell easily.


** week4 **
A fun moment in lecture LOL.


** week5 **
perl & git(only add, commit and push).


** week8 **
The difficulty of assignment1, quite interesting~~


** assignment2 **
The assignment2 is builing a simple social website like facebook.
Flask is allowed to build the website :)


** week12 **
At the end of the last lecture, the clapping went on for more than ten seconds, I have the strong feeling of students' sincere thanks to Andrew.
When studying in UNSW, I did learn a lot of knowledge, but the most precious thing that I learned is how good the education should be.


** summary **
well concluded by Andrew..
A lot to learn in this course, and in the later half part, the lectures were not well organized as the lectures of shell and perl.
good(students, haha):