哎 弄个域名绑定也弄了一天。


  1. Set the @ (used to denote the domain name for which you’re configuring the DNS) IP Address/URL to and the Record Type to A (Address) with a TTL (an acronym for Time To Live that refers to the capability of the DNS servers to cache DNS records) of 1800.
  2. Set the www (the subdomain www) IP Address/URL to (with trailing period) and the Record Type to CNAME (Alias) with a TTL of 1800.
  3. In SUB-DOMAIN SETTINGS, add an @ in the first field, and duplicate the settings in Step 1, save for the IP Address/URL, which should be

Image of DNS settings

Save and then you’re all set! Please note, however that it may take some time for the changes to the DNS to propagate.

More Info: Google has a pretty good Basic Guide to DNS.